First Time Climbers

.There’s a First Time for Everything!!!

That’s Why We’re Here to Help you Along. No Previous Climbing Experience Necessary. Why not try it, you know you want to

So, this is your first-time venturing into the world of indoor rock climbing? Don’t worry we’ll be gentle. It’s not hard to learn to climb, but it’s important for your safety that you learn from an experienced instructor all of the necessary information.

Rock Climbing is a Full Body Workout.

You’ll work muscles you never knew you had..

Rock Climbing is FUN.

Your face may hurt from smiling so much.

Rock Climbing is Affordable.

Going to a movie is more expensive, and you just sit there..

Rock Climbing is for EVERYONE.

Yes, we’ve seen 5 year olds make adults look weak. We have full body harnesses available for small children ages 5+.



Climbing Waiver

Waiver Required For Everyone to Enter Climbing Area - Parent / Guardian Must sign for Minors.

Download Print Waiver


200 West Drive Melbourne, FL 32904



(June 1 - Aug 4)

  • Mon. - Thur. 9 - 9
  • Friday 9 - 10
  • Saturday 10 - 7
  • Sunday 1 - 7