indoor rock climbing gym in central florida
indoor rock climbing gym in central florida
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Corporate Teambuilding

Climbing is a natural teambuilding activity. It is goal-oriented and requires cooperation, trust, and good communication skills. Professional facilitators provide your organization with activities that will enhance and change the way individuals view themselves, their co-workers and the team as a whole.

Indoor climbing involves problem solving and anaerobic exercise. Climbing lends itself naturally to team-building since partners must depend upon one another's cooperation and trust. It builds self-esteem and confidence, allowing participants to feel a sense of accomplishment by reaching a goal - usually the top of a wall.

Why Climbing?

Why take your co-workers climbing? Because it is a fun, challenging, teambuilding experience!

Climbing is a healthy, exciting alternative to a corporate cocktail party or golf game. It is a chance to discover how your staff works together and how individuals deal with physical challenges that require mental solutions.

Climbing demands that participants depend upon one another. It puts men and women on equal footing. The lessons learned during climbing activities can be used as a metaphor for problem solving in the workplace.

Climbing shoes, harness and belay device are provided. The program will be customized to suit your needs. On the Edge has locker rooms, showers, a retail pro shop, and plenty of free parking.

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